what questions you really should ask your wedding photographer

  Ok, so you are looking for a photographer to document your wedding day. A quick search on google tells you: there are LOTS of us. Half an hour later you’ve found 4, 5, whose pictures speak to you. So you contact them about their rates and If they are free on your date. A […]

a sunny funny stylish sardinian wedding

a sunny funny stylish sardinian wedding / S&F part II

My SEO tool tells me to use the phrase stylish sardinian wedding at the beginning of my posting so I will be found in google. I have to do that even if it is a little cheesy. Don’t you think? Ok, so maybe you’ve seen my other blogpost about Sandra & Flo’s sunny funny stylish […]

a stylish wedding at wachau

a sunny funny stylish wachau wedding / S&F part I

If you love old cars and deep hugs then you’ll love this stylish wedding at Wachau I documented last summer. The couple met a couple of years ago, they both work as teachers and they are full of love to each other. Flo got ready at a friends appartement where he got some help from […]

I know what I did last summer

Last year was a blast, I had the honour to document so much weddings of funny, awesome couples. Here are some pictures I took during the last season. Although there are a lot of similiarities between one wedding to another (you prepare, you marry, you eat, you party), each of my couples had their own […]

new Teaser – what do you think?

So smartslides, the thing with which I do my Slideshows, added some new music and I found this piece to make a teaser for my work. Tell me in the comments what you think of it! Love, Konstantin.   You know someone who needs his wedding documented? Show him this video!

how to have an awesome wedding

Konstantin knows everything: How to have an awesome wedding.

OK, let’s be honest. If you are planning your wedding right now than maybe you are thinking of all the things you ‚have to have‘ or ‚everyone does that so we should too‘. You want your wedding to be PERFECT. For you AND your guests. But do you really? Maybe what you really want is an […]

Portfolio: let’s hit the dance floor!

Ok, let’s face it. You are either a dancer or you are not. If you are not there is always vodka ready to help you. Let’s move the tables aside and get this party started!

Portfolio: Those hugging and kissing situations

50% of a perfect wedding day consists of hugging and kissing (the rest is eating cake and dancing). Between lovers, friends, family, strangers. Pro-Tip: close your eyes while kissing, otherwise it looks awkward on the pictures 😉