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engagement session in wien und prag

OK, so last summer I got a kind of interesting request of two awesome people were getting married soon and wanted to do an engagement session in Vienna … and Praque! So I packed my bags (and Julia) and got into the car to make some nice pics of nice people. Vienna Shooting in Vienna was easy because their is a lot to see there, we took some pictures in the city as well as in Schönbrunn (yes, I know where you can still find a working Paternoster 😉 – later we got back to Naschmarkt and even got to Café Sperl (which is a little famous because of that scene in that movie you know) – and yes, because I think it is fun I always try to sneak in a couple of shots during transportation. Praque Because it was a couple of years ago I was in Praque…


So smartslides, the thing with which I do my Slideshows, added some new music and I found this piece to make a teaser for my work. Tell me in the comments what you think of it! Love, Konstantin.   You know someone who needs his wedding documented? Show him this video!

a very nice picture of Konstantin Mikulitsch / weddingphotographer

Hey there, I am Konstantin. I am a wedding photographer based in Austria. I am ready to travel to your wedding. But only if you promise me it will be awesome! Let’s start this new Blog and Website. It is a great day for that. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. And I am sitting in bed programming a website. Great. So I hope you cherish the big work I am doing here, HAHA! Ok, see you soon, Sincerely yours, Konstantin.