Verliebt, verlobt, … Engagementfotos? Brauchen wir denn sowas? Was in anderen Ländern schon zum Standard gehört, wenn man sich verlobt hat, kommt jetzt auch schön langsam als fixer Bestandteil der Hochzeitsvorbereitungsphase zu uns. Ich werde dir hier ein paar Vorteile einer Engagementsession aufzählen, danach wirst du dir denken: Warum haben wir uns nicht schon seit langem einmal als Paar fotografieren lassen? bevor du weiterliest: ich habe einen Location-Guide für euch kreiert: Los geht’s: was ist eine Engagement-Fotosession? Unter Engagementfotos versteht man nichts anderes als Paarfotos – nur halt in der Zeit aufgenommen, in der man verlobt ist. Also zwischen Heiratsantrag und Hochzeitsfeier. Hier ein paar gute Gründe, warum ihr als verlobtes Pärchen eine Engagement-Session buchen solltet. 1. Ihr bekommt tolle Fotos, die euch so zeigen wie ihr JETZT seid „Wir buchen ja sowieso einen Fotografen für unsere Hochzeit, da bekommen wir doch aktuelle Fotos von uns!“ – Stimmt! Nur: von…


  Ok, so you are looking for a photographer to document your wedding day. A quick search on google tells you: there are LOTS of us. Half an hour later you’ve found 4, 5, whose pictures speak to you. So you contact them about their rates and If they are free on your date. A couple of emails later you meet them in person or via Skype to find out if you finally want to book them. Make sure to ask the following questions: Those lovely pictures on your website – are those really yours? Yeah, that question sounds stupid. But today a lot of photographers offer workshops for other photographers to vamp up their portfolio. There are whole sets decorated by wedding planners, professional models are posed by the workshop leaders, and the attendees just have to push the button. Beautiful pictures, uploaded on their sites to attract future…


a sunny funny stylish sardinian wedding

My SEO tool tells me to use the phrase stylish sardinian wedding at the beginning of my posting so I will be found in google. I have to do that even if it is a little cheesy. Don’t you think? Ok, so maybe you’ve seen my other blogpost about Sandra & Flo’s sunny funny stylish wachau wedding. If not have a look. It was awesome. And the best part: It was also one part of their wedding journey. They alwas had in mind that they wanted a beach wedding. So, a couple of weeks after their ceremony in Austria, they grabbed their closest family, rent a small Villa in Sardinia with a private beach, and took their vows in front of the sea (and the Yacht of Sting BTW ;). So  have a look to my pictures of their stylish sardinian wedding (see what I did here? SEO again, LOL!)…


a stylish wedding at wachau

If you love old cars and deep hugs then you’ll love this stylish wedding at Wachau I documented last summer. The couple met a couple of years ago, they both work as teachers and they are full of love to each other. Flo got ready at a friends appartement where he got some help from his best man, his brother and his dad. They had some pre-wedding beers and a lot of fun. Sandra got ready at her home, she had her sister and her niece at her side. Her dad than put her up in his little sports car. But wait for the old american car which we took for a ride later 😉 The wedding was at Standesamt Krems Stein which i like because of its old architecture and that big painting. Later we all drove to Dürnstein were we spent the rest of the day at Richard…


engagement session in wien und prag

OK, so last summer I got a kind of interesting request of two awesome people were getting married soon and wanted to do an engagement session in Vienna … and Praque! So I packed my bags (and Julia) and got into the car to make some nice pics of nice people. Vienna Shooting in Vienna was easy because their is a lot to see there, we took some pictures in the city as well as in Schönbrunn (yes, I know where you can still find a working Paternoster 😉 – later we got back to Naschmarkt and even got to Café Sperl (which is a little famous because of that scene in that movie you know) – and yes, because I think it is fun I always try to sneak in a couple of shots during transportation. Praque Because it was a couple of years ago I was in Praque…


Last year was a blast, I had the honour to document so much weddings of funny, awesome couples. Here are some pictures I took during the last season. Although there are a lot of similiarities between one wedding to another (you prepare, you marry, you eat, you party), each of my couples had their own twist of making their wedding unique. You know some funny, adventurous, unique couple that is looking for someone dokumenting their wedding day? Connect us! I like to travel, so Portugal, Sweden, France, Italy, Sardinia, Spain, Denmark, or Berlin would be nice. And, of course, all of Austria. Thanks, Konstantin.    

So smartslides, the thing with which I do my Slideshows, added some new music and I found this piece to make a teaser for my work. Tell me in the comments what you think of it! Love, Konstantin.   You know someone who needs his wedding documented? Show him this video!

how to have an awesome wedding

OK, let’s be honest. If you are planning your wedding right now than maybe you are thinking of all the things you ‚have to have‘ or ‚everyone does that so we should too‘. You want your wedding to be PERFECT. For you AND your guests. But do you really? Maybe what you really want is an AWESOME WEDDING. Here are some thoughts from a photographer who has experienced somewhere around 60 weddings in his life by now: 1 It is your day. So make it your own! You are marrying the love of your life. And now you have to invite your crazy uncle Bob who alway gets drunk and loud and play silly wedding games your old friends from kindergarten are organizing? NO, YOU DON’T! It is your wedding so you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT! You don’t like wedding games? Tell your friends to respect that! You don’t want…


als hochzeitsfotograf in der wachau / Weingut Holzapfel

Ok, let’s face it. You are either a dancer or you are not. If you are not there is always vodka ready to help you. Let’s move the tables aside and get this party started!