How would you describe your style?

Authentic, artistic, raw. Perfect unperfect, like life is. My style is very very documentary. I try to be in the middle of the situation without disturbing it. Like a photo-ninja. 😉


What do we get?

With every collection you get all the pictures in high resolution on an online gallery. Plus a diashow with the best pictures so you can easily share the experience with your family and friends. I also offer Photobooks, Fineart Albums and Prints.


How much for a full day documentary?

Elopements start at €1.800,- for 6 hrs

Weddings start at €2.400,- for 8 hrs

Get in touch and I’ll send you more pricing information.


Do you travel for work?

Yes, sure! I would love to document your wedding anywhere in Europe. Plus Morokko. I will charge you only my actual travel costs plus two days of accommodation. So be assured it won’t cost you a fortune to get me to your awesome wedding.


We heard you live a plant-based lifestyle: What shall we tell our caterer?

It ist not really hard: Tell the cook I just eat vegetables and fruit. I am sure he knows how to handle those bloody vegans. 😉




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