8. Oktober 2017

Forever Sessions – the one in Savudrija / LeTo

Konstantin Mikulitsch

Ok, ok, I admit: My job is not very complicated. Take two people who love each other and make awesome pictures of them. Anybody could do that. Or not? ūüėČ Have a look at this cute couple having fun at the beach in Croatia. If you plan your wedding in croatia be sure to spend some time together at the beach. Alone or with your wedding photographer …


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For the photo-geeks of you: Fuji x-pro2 with the xf23 1.4 – edited by me in lightroom.

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Forever Session SaKe

Forever Session SaKe

Love, Love, Love. I also do couple sessions. In Vienna, Lower Austria, or wherever I am travelling. That looks like that: You like what you see? Give me some love in the comments and tell your friends from me!

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Portfolio: the forever sessions

Portfolio: the forever sessions

Don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like. - David Alan Harvey   Take two people that love each other. Give them very little direction what to do. Mix that with some good light and a camera. And get incredible, unique, pictures. Well done,...

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