10. Februar 2019

a sunny funny stylish sardinian wedding / S&F part II

My SEO tool tells me to use the phrase stylish sardinian wedding at the beginning of my posting so I will be found in google. I have to do that even if it is a little cheesy. Don’t you think?

Ok, so maybe you’ve seen my other blogpost about Sandra & Flo’s sunny funny stylish wachau wedding. If not have a look. It was awesome. And the best part: It was also one part of their wedding journey. They alwas had in mind that they wanted a beach wedding. So, a couple of weeks after their ceremony in Austria, they grabbed their closest family, rent a small Villa in Sardinia with a private beach, and took their vows in front of the sea (and the Yacht of Sting BTW ;). So  have a look to my pictures of their stylish sardinian wedding (see what I did here? SEO again, LOL!)

a stylish sardinian wedding

I arrived the day before the ceremony so we also had a little time to make some epic couple pictures at sunset. AND, best thing, we got up the next day at sunrise to also get some pictures then. I love it when my couples are as flexible in timing as those two legends.


Because of its unique swirly architecture the Villa is called LA CHIOCCIOLA, which means snail. Sandra, Flo, and their family stayed there for almost two weeks and had a really good tan when we arrived.

When I saw the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Sardinia I also booked flights for my family, we stayed one week in Carloforte, which is a lovely town on the small island of St. Pietro southwest of Sardinia.

You are planning a sunny, funny, stylish sardinian wedding and need a photographer to document your epicness? Show me at my contact page how awesome you are. Love, Konstantin.

You liked Sandras dress? She found it in Krems at Blütenkleid.

You also want to marry in Sardinia and are looking for some help? Try out the guys from sardinian dreamweddings to help you.



SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Because google and other search engines are looking for very spezial ‚things‘ while crawling the internet, I have to structure my blogposts in a very spezial way to please that needs. Because if I get better found on the internet by future clients that makes me happy.

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