11. Februar 2019

what questions you really should ask your wedding photographer


Ok, so you are looking for a photographer to document your wedding day. A quick search on google tells you: there are LOTS of us. Half an hour later you’ve found 4, 5, whose pictures speak to you. So you contact them about their rates and If they are free on your date. A couple of emails later you meet them in person or via Skype to find out if you finally want to book them. Make sure to ask the following questions:

questions for your wedding photographer

Those lovely pictures on your website – are those really yours?

Yeah, that question sounds stupid. But today a lot of photographers offer workshops for other photographers to vamp up their portfolio. There are whole sets decorated by wedding planners, professional models are posed by the workshop leaders, and the attendees just have to push the button. Beautiful pictures, uploaded on their sites to attract future clients (YOU).

And no, I don’t say it is bad to attend workshops to get better (I do that as well)
BUT! If you mislead people just to make a quick buck it is not OK.

So: ask your photographer to show you a whole serious of pictures. He/she should be able to provide you with 3 or more whole wedding days of pictures so you can see if his/her style and skills are on the level he/she promised.

That advice is also true for „photographer couples“ who market themselves as TWO professionals but if you look at the pictures you’ll find out that one of them is not more than a very expensive assistant. If you hire a „two photographers“ team be sure they both show you their own work to prove they are worth the money you’re going to invest in them.

Do you have a backup plan? (Or even better: several?)

Imagine this: it is your wedding day, 8 in the morning. A whatsapp message from your photographer: „I am sick! Have a nice day.“

Really? Be sure your photographer is prepared for situations like that. You book a professional service, so at least you should get a little professionality. So for example: If I am sick on your wedding day I have at least 3 substitutes up my sleeve who I could send to you (and in the last 7 years I had to handle one of those rare cases. But thanks to my backup-plan everything went smooth 😉

Also be sure your photographer has backup-gear in the trunk of his car. Because sometimes cameras fall on the floor and break. Your professional photographer should loose 2 tears about that and then get his second camera out and keep working.


a stylish wedding at wachau
Further tipps for working with a professional wedding photographer:

Ask for a contract!

You photographer should provide you with a contract. It is for your safety as well a his/hers.

Send him/her an invitation!

So he/her won’t forget about your wedding 😉

Ask him/her where to be seated and about his/her diet!

When your wedding is more casual I like to be seated between the guests, but when it is something like cuts and white ties then it is better to give me a table in another room 😉 – And I am on a 100% plant-based-diet. Thanks.


Was this helpful for you? Tell me in the comments what you think about that.


Here are some tipps if you want to have an awesome wedding day.

You are planning an awesome wedding and are looking for a photographer to document your day? Let’s hit that contact form to see if I am available on your date!


Love, Konstantin.

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