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Last year was a blast, I had the honour to document so much weddings of funny, awesome couples. Here are some pictures I took during the last season. Although there are a lot of similiarities between one wedding to another (you prepare, you marry, you eat, you party), each of my couples had their own twist of making their wedding unique. You know some funny, adventurous, unique couple that is looking for someone dokumenting their wedding day? Connect us! I like to travel, so Portugal, Sweden, France, Italy, Sardinia, Spain, Denmark, or Berlin would be nice. And, of course, all of Austria. Thanks, Konstantin.    

Ok, let’s face it. You are either a dancer or you are not. If you are not there is always vodka ready to help you. Let’s move the tables aside and get this party started!

50% of a perfect wedding day consists of hugging and kissing (the rest is eating cake and dancing). Between lovers, friends, family, strangers. Pro-Tip: close your eyes while kissing, otherwise it looks awkward on the pictures 😉    

als hochzeitsfotograf in Kärnten / a carinthian wedding

Ok, so here I was at a beautiful intimate wedding at Kleinsasserhof. What an awesome location! The ceremony was supposed to take place outside under the trees, but then came the rain. So everything was moved quickly into the barn and it was awesome. Yep, just be a bit flexible on your wedding day and everything will be fine. location: Kleinsasserhof mua: Evi from yourchoice dress: Heyday Vienna

Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like. – David Alan Harvey   Take two people that love each other. Give them very little direction what to do. Mix that with some good light and a camera. And get incredible, unique, pictures. Well done, Konstantin!                                   

Children always bring a little extra sparkle of joy to a wedding.