5. November 2018

Konstantin knows everything: How to have an awesome wedding.

Konstantin Mikulitsch

OK, let’s be honest. If you are planning your wedding right now than maybe you are thinking of all the things you ‚have to have‘ or ‚everyone does that so we should too‘. You want your wedding to be PERFECT. For you AND your guests. But do you really? Maybe what you really want is an AWESOME WEDDING. Here are some thoughts from a photographer who has experienced somewhere around 60 weddings in his life by now:

1 It is your day. So make it your own!

You are marrying the love of your life. And now you have to invite your crazy uncle Bob who alway gets drunk and loud and play silly wedding games your old friends from kindergarten are organizing? NO, YOU DON’T! It is your wedding so you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT! You don’t like wedding games? Tell your friends to respect that! You don’t want to give your vows in front of people you don’t really like? Just invite your closest friends and family! (the less people you have to feed the more you can invest in your photographer LOL)

awesome wedding in sardinia

Sandra and Flo wanted to have a beach wedding. So they got their closest family and friends to stay with them a couple of weeks in Sardinia and celebrated their wedding there.

2 don’t go for perfect – go for awesome!

If you are planning THAT PERFECT DAY so you can show people how much taste and money you have than I think you are going to fail. Not because it won’t be ‚perfect‘. But you’ll miss the whole point of getting married: celebrating love and life with your best friends and family! Try to imagine you and your Guests on your day. What do you see? Intimate talks with your oldest friends? Check a long table and a lot of red wine! Wild dancing with your mates? Maybe you need a kick ass DJ or an Indie Rock Band! When Julia and I got married we wanted to have a bonfire and drink a lot of whisky. And so we did exactly that. And it was awesome!

I don’t say don’t have games at your wedding. But if you do: make them big and funny!


3 you are not alone

You don’t have to plan every single detail of your wedding on your own. Because that is exhausting! Finding a location, suppliers, tasting cake, looking for a dress, meetings with three bands and seven photographers (at least this you could check off your list very soon HARHAR). Delegate as much as you can to people who you trust and offer you their help. Or check yourself a wedding planner, they have the experience to know what is important and what not – and if you are planning a big wedding than usually it get’s less expansive because wedding planners know where to save and where to spend.


just a nice picture

4 Don’t listen to me

If you think that what I am thinking ist not what you are thinking than I think you should just ignore me. Do your thing. And if that is doing what everyone else does that’s OK!

I hope that was a little bit helpful (helpful is an awkward word, don’t you think?)

I would love to hear your opinion in the comments or via mail!

Love, Konstantin.

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