what questions you really should ask your wedding photographer

  Ok, so you are looking for a photographer to document your wedding day. A quick search on google tells you: there are LOTS of us. Half an hour later you’ve found 4, 5, whose pictures speak to you. So you contact them about their rates and If they are free on your date. A […]

how to have an awesome wedding

Konstantin knows everything: How to have an awesome wedding.

OK, let’s be honest. If you are planning your wedding right now than maybe you are thinking of all the things you ‚have to have‘ or ‚everyone does that so we should too‘. You want your wedding to be PERFECT. For you AND your guests. But do you really? Maybe what you really want is an […]

my perfect clients

maybe the perfect wedding photographer for you

Maybe the perfect wedding photographer for you! or: I am not for everyone OK, let’s be honest. There are as many different approaches to wedding photography as there are wedding photographers. And you should find the one that fits you best. The perfect wedding photographer for YOU! And maybe that is not me, but that’s […]